About this theme

The WordPress theme “Verdandi” was specifically designed for blogs. It features a clear structure and uses the Atkinson Hyperlegible font to maximize readability. The theme supports various post formats, including:

  • Aside: A short, informal post.
  • Gallery: A gallery of images.
  • Image: A single image.
  • Quote: A quotation.
  • Standard: The default post type.
  • Status: A brief status update.
  • Video: A video post

You can place your widgets in a sidebar on the left, right, or bottom. A notable feature of Verdandi is that all theme resources, such as fonts, are part of the theme itself and not downloaded from external sources. As a result, the theme is fully GDPR-compliant.

The name “Verdandi” is derived from the Norn of the present. Verdandi records everything that happens, making it an ideal namesake for a blog that documents stories and events.

You can find the development repository for Verdandi here and its place on WordPress is here.